Why China?

Why China?

I first came to China in 2007 to do an internship at the Instituto Cervantes in Beijing. After a few hours I realized that nobody spoke English and that even body language is different!!! That’s how I started learning Chinese, which has been of my favourite hobbies ever since.

Strangely enough, to me China has always been a symbol of freedom and independence. Chinese people are wonderful: they dance and sing in parks, they play cards and Chinese chess (one of our favourite games!), they climb mountains in high heels or a suit, their favourite snack is spicy chicken leg and they love taking selfies with foreigners!

Chinese people’s innocence reminds me of that of a child. They somehow manage to keep what us, Westerners lose around the age of 10, which I find fascinating. Last year, I thoroughly enjoyed teaching English in Yangshuo (south of China). My students from all ages (20 and above) played, screamed, jumped, danced like children do: without a single trace of shame.

For this reason and many more, I find China an amazing place to explore.   I love its people, its landscapes, the language, the food and…

I would be happy to share my passion with you.