Thinking about coming to Budapest? We have a lovely flat with turn of the century architecture and decorated inside with all the things we have found on our travels.

What we offer is not just any flat. This is the HOME of two globetrotters and we are happy to share it with you when we are away.
If you are a TRAVELLER and not a tourist… you will appreciate our home, our eclectic decorations, and our stories. 🙂

Our flat is on the top floor and is bright, spacious and very eclectic. We like the random objects we have picked up during our travels, so you can find a Moroccan carpet and lamp in the same room as a handmade Mozambican painting or some carved masks from Ghana.

We like meeting travellers and that is the reason why we have decided to share our flat with you. Sometimes we are busy or abroad, but if we are around, we are very happy for you to come along to our favourite ruin pub and grab a beer, to a concert or wherever we are going. We love games and are always up for a card or board game, or if you like challenges we can do an escape game, which has become one of Budapest’s ‘must do’s during the last few years.

We believe that what really makes a trip memorable is the people you meet rather than the places you visit!


Bohemian Alcove


Price:  £12/night. Available when we are in town.

Our alcove is separated from the living room by a lovely, hand-carved Indian divider. There is a separate door to the corridor so you don’t need to move the divider if you don’t want to.

As the bed is single, it is ideal for a person travelling alone. If you would like to come with a friend, for an extra £5 your friend can sleep on a mattress on the floor. As the alcove is connected with the living room, it is semi-private.

We aren’t noisy people and we don’t get up early, so your room is quiet and cosy for you to have a good sleep. Enjoy the uniqueness of our alcove!

Whole flat

Price: £40/night (only available on certain dates, mainly when we are abroad)

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The whole flat is 72 square meters, there is a big bedroom, a living room and the alcove. It is ideal for 3 or 4 people. (5 if you don’t mind sharing one bathroom and the 5th person sleeping in the living room on the floor.)

There is a double bed in the bedroom, so it is ideal for couples and a single bed in the alcove, which opens from the living room. The living room and the alcove are separated from each other by a nice Indian divider. It is a nice, charming room but not completely private as it opens from the shared area. It has a single bed and we have mattresses that we can put on the floor if you are four people or more.

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Our flat is in the centre of Budapest. Ideal for both day and night life, most of the exciting sites are within walking distance.

There is a lovely market just a few minutes away where you can buy anything you need, including some of the Hungarian delights: lángos, topped with cheese and cream, ideal after a night out; and my personal favourite, called kürtös kalács (‘chimney cake’), a sweet, irresistible sweet bread.

Andrassy boulevard is a 5 minute walk and from there you can continue onto Heroes’ square, City park and our famous baths Széchényi. If you choose to walk the other way, you will soon find the Opera house, the Basilica and a bit further the Parliament and the Danube.

The world’s second biggest synagogue is 15 minutes from us and on the way you can stop for a coffee at the historical New York Café.

As for nightlife, we are close enough (10-15 walk) to find our way easily to all the important pubs, not only Instant, which is where most tourists can be found, but also other less known bars, which are scattered around the area. We prefer these smaller, alternative places, where there is live music and you can get a feel for local nightlife while you are enjoying your shots of Unicum or Pálinka!

When you book with us we send you a summary of our favourite places and things to do in Budapest!