Trailblazing for Intrepid Travellers

Do you want to go somewhere really exciting and new, but don’t have time to research all the aspects of a trip? Are you concerned about the local language and what the best way is to get around? This information is really hard to find out online. Do you like travelling on your own but you need help designing, organising and booking your trip? Or you would like to have a guide with you but you don’t like packaged tours?

We can offer you the best of both worlds!

We design itineraries around some of our favourite destinations with suggested accommodations, day to day schedules and some useful tips for getting a bit of the local grub without the delhi belly.

We design, outline and suggest. All you need to do is book what you want and get going, with easy to use day-by-day guides for your exact trip. We tell you where we think is best to book in advance and where you can wing it.

If this is a bit too much but you need a few pointers on visas or travel tips in a particular area we are happy to help for free, just drop us a line via the contact us page.