Moonlight and Moonshine

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Hitchhiking the Silver, Grey and White The Tian Shan mountain range turns into the Pamirs then the Karakoram and eventually the Himalayas resulting in a great wall of Ice and Rock.  Seperating the vast steppes and Khanates of Central Asia and the desert expanses of western China.  This geological rampart closes even its smallest gaps […]

Berber Carpet

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When most people think of Morocco, the first thing that comes to mind is Saharan dunes or winding medinas or Rick’s Cafe.  But Morocco is a place of thousand landscapes.  We travelled up to Azrou in the Middle Atlas Mountains to find our carpet.  The Berbers that live in these parts have for time immemorial […]

Ebony Rhino

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What makes it Special Ebony is black, which for wood is quite rare.  That is really the long and short of it. Originally it was also quite dangerous to get hold of because notoriously the black widow spider live there and given the similarity in colour, hard to spot too! Also finding ebony takes an […]