Para agencias

Our Trailblazing services allow for old routes to be improved and new routes to be created. With our experience from both ends of the tour bus we give a unique insight into how it feels to be on your tours. We deliver to you ease of mind and a head above the competition by giving you the essential feedback and improvements you need to make your trips extra special.

Current Routes

Test out your current trips using a mystery guest format to provide feedback on your route, tour leaders, local knowledge and user experience.

Our reports come with suggestions such as additions that have marginal costs, as well as re-routing options to better, perhaps less known sights that are targeted to your audience and not what a local agency thinks. The report will also describe where personnel can work harder and where the clients feel most happy (and unhappy). This all seen through a professional eye to ensure that together the highest standards of tour are reached.DSC_4919

New Routes

In fact if you want a new route then we can even just go and do all the research for you… We ask you to fill out some details about what level of luxury is required and we go out to those far away places and find out all the details of possible routes, the optimum between seeing the sights and minimising journey times, we will even search out the places where you can find a paella in Kazakhstan or the best night’s rest in the Tiger Leaping Gorge. We find local agencies and their reputations, and research other tours offered in the area, to ensure that your route benefits both from the best of the known and the best of the unknown.

Why bother with the hassle of route research when we can do it for you.

Have the confidence to choose the best.